Macedon Ranges Basketball Association's Woodend Hawks teams play in the Sunbury Basketball Association's Junior Domestic competitions.

The design of teams is a complex task; our highest priority is to provide maximum development opportunity for all players. Selection criteria guidelines are listed below. Team configuration involves several factors, particularly in the Summer season when top-age players from the Winter season must shift into an older age bracket. Equally important, of course, is the need to secure volunteer coaches available for training and games at potentially different venues and tightly-scheduled times on game day. While we do our best to accommodate individual considerations (e.g. sibling connections and player travel logistics) to help ensure players can make training and games, please understand that we are usually too highly constrained to satisfy further individual preferences. Our aim above all else is to help all players become better basketballers, to have an enjoyable season, and to gain valuable life skills.

Training times and locations will be confirmed below when we have balanced our team coach's availability with limited court availability.

Please note, the old non-reversible singlet tops are now phased out. All players must have the new reversible singlet tops. This will ease the logistics of organising clash tops when Hawks play each other, and when playing the Lions. The players will appreciate being able to wear their own top in these games, too! For new uniforms, please contact our lovely uniform coordinator, Janene Attard, on 0409 803 163 or janeneattard@bigpond.coma.  

If you have questions or require further information regarding Woodend Hawks please email our volunteer Hawks Coordinator Anita Kent ( Thank you Anita!

Registrations for Summer 2020/21 season will open very soon in the new PlayHQ system

With Victorian government relaxing public health restrictions sooner than expected, the Sunbury Basketball Association has announced that it is spinning back up at pace for an extended Summer season.


The season will run through 2020 terms 3 and 4, and 2021 term 1. The intention is to launch with four grading games from 18 July. The regular season plan is for 19 rounds starting 15 Aug; finals will run in March with the Grand Final on the 27th. As usual for the Summer season, upper age players advance age groups:

  • 2010 and 2011 will play U12s
  • 2008 and 2009 will play U14s
  • 2006 and 2007 will play U16s
  • 2003, 2004, and 2005 will play U19s
  • COST

    SBA competition fees are being finalized, but we can provide indicative registration fees for the extended season of approx. $300 including BVC fees and insurance. We understand the economic impact that COVID-19 is likely to have on our Hawks families, and are therefore working on rego system logistics to allow the cost to be split into two payments, with half due at the beginning of the season, and the remainder due just after Cup Day. Families should feel free to confidentially discuss more suitable payment arrangements with Nick ( Our top priority is to get our young players back out onto the floorboards.


    As Sunbury is moving very quickly, so must our Hawks administration to get teams configured to provide the best development opportunity for all players. We appreciate that requiring rapid responses borders on bad manners, but we are unfortunately in a position that we must ask for just that. Please email by the evening of Saturday 4 July and let us know whether or not you are able to commit to this new extended season. In line with the Woodend Hawks team selection guidlelines (below) this should include confirmation that players will not miss more than three games for anticipated absences.


    Please also indicate if you are interested in coaching a team, for training (typically Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school at Buffalo Stadium), and/or Saturday games. We will help support coaches with access to coaching courses, training plans and game day support. Please also let us know if you could be interested in assistant coaching -- this is a great way to learn the ropes or contribute if you can't fully commit.


    SBA is being diligent with government and peak sporting body policy and guidelines. Unfortunately in the short term this will restrict spectator numbers permitted per player. The game schedules we've become accustomed to will also change as time slots are expanded from 50 to 70 minutes to minimise contact during change-overs. Hopefully this is the extent of the adjustments that we must make, but I'm sure everybody appreciates that we will need to continue to adapt as we find our way back onto the court. More specific procedures will be published soon.

    1. The aim will be to have a minimum of 7 and maximum of 8 players per team. Teams will only be allocated more than 8 players in exceptional circumstances.
    2. Players must be able to commit to not miss more than 3 games per season for planned leave (e.g. family holidays, other sporting commitments, etc…) – this does not include unplanned events such as injury or illness; nor attendance at BVC Pathway Events (e.g. Skills Days, SDP, Jamboree, Gold Nugget, Country Championships, etc…). If parents believe their child may need to miss more than 3 games, they are encouraged to raise this with the Hawks Coordinator prior to team selections.
    3. Players who cannot commit to the minimum games will only be allocated to teams if there are still at least 6 fully committed players and only after those positions have been offered to existing players or waitlist players who can commit.
    4. If players commit and then miss more than 3 games due to planned leave – and the team has to forfeit games as a result – then MRBA reserves the right to pass on walkover fines to the offending family.
    5. Waitlist players will be offered available positions on teams in order of time spent on waitlist. If two players have been waitlisted for the same time, then preference will also be given to waitlist players who have regularly attended training in the prior season.
    6. If existing players miss a season, they will be given priority access to teams in the following season (above waitlist players). Once someone misses two consecutive seasons they will be considered a new waitlist player, with a starting date of when they re-registered their interest.
    7. If full teams with minimum 7 players cannot be created, then teams will be created from players based on length of Hawks membership. Newer members may unfortunately miss out.
    8. Each season the Woodend Hawks Team Selection Committee and the Competition Coordinator make best efforts to create viable teams from available committed players. Where appropriate, players are graded based on input from previous season coaches, committee understanding of the players skills and capabilities and team cohesion. Where deemed necessary, a grading session may be used to assist in team allocation. If possible, the Committee will try and accommodate friends playing together and logistical issues such as family logistics and car-pooling needs.
    9. There is no commitment to keep teams together each season. Team creation will be done each season based on who is available that season and will also take into account availability and needs of the coach.
    10. It is a Sunbury Basketball Association requirement that players must play in their own age group. Players from younger age groups will be offered an opportunity to also play in an upper age group if there is no available waitlist player. Younger players will be graded in each age group separately and based on the same criteria as other players.
    11. The Association will try and ensure each team is allocated a coach and that any new coach is offered support of a coaching mentor. Teams will not be entered without a coach – so parents may need to volunteer where a suitable coach is unavailable. All teams must also have a parent nominate as Team Manager.
    12. Players are required to register their commitment to play within 3 weeks of the end of the prior season to allow the club to meet Sunbury requirements for team registration. Players must be registered with fees paid prior to being able to play in that season, unless agreed with the Competition Coordinator and Club Treasurer.
    Macedon Ranges Basketball Association
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