2020 MRBA Rep Program

We are pleased to announce MRBA Country Championships coaches for 2020


  • U12 – John Maxwell
  • U14 – Matt Bourke (assistant: Chris Tarrant)
  • U16 – Dylan Cole
  • U18 – Jeff Poyser


  • U12 – Tamara Collins
  • U14 – Michael Ryan
  • U16 – Jay Henery
  • U18 – Andy Condron

2020 MRBA Representative Teams
U12 Girls

  • C: Tamara Collins

  • Ellie Chandler
  • Sadie Collins
  • Zara Conway
  • Lucy Killicic
  • Kitty McKenna
  • Mali Royal
  • Aaliyah Terbeebe
  • McKenzie Wood

U14 Girls

  • C: Michael Ryan

    • Maisy Hayter
    • Maeve Jackman
    • Ella Jeffreys
    • Chloe McKenna
    • Isabelle Nicholson
    • Lucy Paton
    • Charlotte Ryan
    • Elka Thompson
    • Mia Turner


    • Ivy Wills

    U16 Girls

    • C: Jay Henery

    • Chloe Ali
    • Cara Beattie
    • Ashlyn Broomhall
    • Molly Garrahan
    • Giselle Kiliva
    • Taya Konias
    • Abbey McKenna
    • Elsie Noonan
    • Sarah Rankin
    • Brooke Vogele


    • Bridie Conway
    • Savanah-Lei Cordiner
    U18 Girls

  • C: Andy Condron

    • Chelsea Bowman
    • Adrienne Cameron
    • Lilly Collins
    • Erin Condron
    • Grace Cooper
    • Scarlett Orritt
    • Lauren Trakosas
    • Ella Unwin
    • Paige Ward

    U12 Boys

    • C: John Maxwell
    • AC: Troy Carrick

    • Jack Carrick
    • Riley Coundon
    • Adrian Kiliva
    • Noah Hanegraaf
    • Sam Gray
    • Lenny Maxwell
    • Cooper Marshall
    • Travis Ralph
    • Jesse Reid
    • Finlay Watt


    • Nathan Griffiths

    U14 Boys

    • C: Matt Bourke
    • Asst: Chris Tarrant

    Final teams will be selected from the following squad

    • Liam Callaghan
    • Xavier Dietz
    • Cooper Duff-Tyler
    • Rhys Garrahan
    • Alex Gray
    • Willem Hanegraaf
    • Finn McGinty
    • Sunny Maxwell
    • Luca Laird
    • Thor Royal
    • Ben Taylor
    • Oliver Watt
    U16 Boys

    • C: Dylan Cole

    Final teams will be selected from the following squad

    • Tom Aquilina
    • Tadhg Condron
    • Thomas Conroy
    • Fletcher Cooper
    • Josh Gray
    • Finn Hanegraaf
    • Declan Henery
    • Thomas McPhee
    • Lachlan Morgan-Smith
    • Logan Peavey
    • Saxon Royal
    • Will Ryan

    U18 Boys

    • C: Jeff Poyser

    • Shawn Bowden
    • Talon Gruber
    • Jeremy Krietemeyer
    • Oscar MacFarlane
    • Blake MacDonald
    • Matt Merrett
    • Jacob Poyser
    • Jeremy Rankin
    • Josh Roberts
    • Thomas Vincent


    • Angus McSwiggan
    • Nick Bootle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost?

    Registration Fees are calculated to cover the costs of tournament entry, stadium hire for trainings and other incidental costs. In 2019 the fees amounted to $125 per player, plus the cost of entry into any additional tournaments (normally ~$50). Fees for 2020 are not expected to be materially different to prior years and will be communicated when squads are announced.

    There is no charge for the Try-outs.

    When do I pay?

    Fees must be paid prior to the MRBA 3x3 Competition on 24 November, via the MRBA Sports TG site (link coming soon).

    What is the commitment?

    Athletes must participate in the MRBA 3x3 Competition on November 24 in order to qualify.

    Athletes will be expected to attend approximately 6 training sessions in the lead up to your tournament (normally on Saturday mornings), plus the actual Country Championships tournaments (see dates below). Coaches are being encouraged to enter squads in one additional tournament this year, which will be agreed once teams are announced. These lead-in tournaments will be recommended, but optional.

    What are the dates & locations?


    Age Group & Division Location Dates
    U16/U18 Division 1 and 2 Bendigo 15-16 February 2020
    U16/U18 Division 3 and 4 Ballarat 14-15 March 2020
    Under-14 Regional Qualifiers (MRBA Girls Only) Shepparton 30 November 2019
    Under-14 Ballarat 28-30 March 2020
    Under-12 Bendigo 3-5 April 2020

    Can I play if I live outside the Macedon Ranges?

    It is a MRBA policy that we maximise the opportunities for players who live in the Macedon Ranges. Athlete’s that wish to participate must also participate in our local 3x3 competition. Athletes living outside the Macedon Ranges are not eligible. Special consideration may be made where an athlete does not have a local Country Association; and where there are not enough Macedon Ranges athletes able to complete a squad, although this must be approved by Basketball Victoria Country.

    How many players are chosen in each squad?

    Representative squads are normally 10 players, plus 2 emergencies (who are not required to attend the actual tournament). Attendance at the try-out is mandatory to be selected, and the MRBA retains the right to choose the best available players based also on known skills and abilities and team fit. If players cannot attend the tryout, then consideration can be made by the MRBA Executive.

    The Country Championships tournaments are usually gruelling weekends, involving sometimes 3 or 4 games per day. Thus teams are chosen to try and ensure players are not overloaded and can compete at their best for the whole tournament. It should be noted that these are representative teams, and whilst all players will be given opportunities, the objective is to achieve the highest possible position for the association, so athletes are not given equal playing time.

    Is this the same as the MRBA Tournament Teams?

    MRBA has started forming squads to attend Tournaments – called our MRBA Tournament Program. These squads are designed to provide everyone with the opportunity to play more basketball, and thus whilst there are try-outs held, these are predominantly used to determine how many teams will be entered, and how to grade players into teams of similar abilities. This program is separate to the MRBA Country Championships which are one-off tournaments held by Basketball Victoria Country each year where every Country Association has the opportunity to send their best available representative team (one per gender/age group) to compete for rankings within Country Victoria.

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